Dennis Von Bargen



Learnings from developing a VR game in under 6 months

So, you’ve suddenly got it - the job of your dreams! You’re the IT rockstar of an exploding startup that just got a $1.5 million investment. All of a sudden, you’re the VR expert in town. Here are the 7 most important lessons from your first 6 months on the VR rollercoaster.

Dennis Von Bargen

Dennis von Bargen is Lead Programmer at SVRVIVE Studios, a Stockholm-based VR games studio. Dennis had many interests growing up, from music to flying to video games. Little did he know that his tinkering with home-made Flash games would eventually lead him to the world of software development and VR. Earlier in his career, Dennis worked as Java Consultant at Cybercom Group and Java DevOps at Adssets AB. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Systems Sciences from Stockholm University. At SVRVIVE Studios Dennis successfully employs his love of tinkering to deploy infrastructure and code, guiding SVRVIVE Studios in its hi-tech endeavours.