Mina Boström Nakicenovic

FIS Front Arena


A Story About a Well-intentioned Minimum Viable Virus

Once upon a time few believed that Model-Driven Development (MDD) could be simplified and used in agile software development, since it assumes such a big up-front design. This story starts with an example of how we managed to reduce the complexity of the MDD concept, by applying agile principles and lean startup methodology. In this way we managed to produce a working MDD solution, which creates value, within a short time-frame. But this is not the end! The story continues. We took some of the resulting, generated files and used them to build the RNA of an internally developed computer virus - but a well-intentioned one! We used the “minimum viable solution” concept in order to develop it. The mentioned virus spreads across our whole trading system and does a lot of useful things. Curious to know what this well-intentioned virus is used for, how we built it and how we managed to sell it to our customers? Welcome to my talk!

Mina Boström Nakicenovic

Mina is a development manager who also writes code. She is developing high-performance financial trading system at FIS Front Arena. Mina is passionate about agile software development, with a focus on agile architecture.

Mina is a regular speaker on European software development conferences. Her passion for software development has spread within her family. She and her husband are often taking their 3 kids to conferences, where they are coding together and presenting together, as an agile family.