Mathias Edblom



Extending Atlassian JIRA with kick-ass functionality

JIRA Software is the #1 solution for software teams. No matter which industry you currently work in, you probably already met JIRA - the issue and project management tool loved by over 65.000 organisations all over the world. This session is about extending the functionality by developing add-ons to the Atlassian platform. Atlassian Marketplace is one of the world’s largest B2B marketplaces with over 2500 add-ons. We’ll share our story on how we developed Insight, an enterprise Asset Management solution for JIRA lovers. We’ll share the secrets on why Insight is one of the top selling add-ons to JIRA and how you can become a successful part of the add-on developer ecosystem.

Mathias Edblom

Mathias is the acting CTO at Riada where he and his team of developers are producing some of the worlds most popular add-ons to Atlassian JIRA. By smart technical choices, he has succeeded in building award winning products within asset management. Mathias will share the development journey at Riada.

Mathias was earlier Head of Development at SBAB.